Lhoas & Lhoas is an architecture practice created in 1994 by brothers Pierre & Pablo Lhoas, working in various fields of architecture and design, based in Brussels and internationally active. For more than twenty years, the office has developed, locally and globally a large number of projects varying in scale and nature.
With an eye on the nourishment of the work, and across disciplines that are parallel and revolving around architecture, we invest in public and private projects, in designing spaces, pieces of furniture and scenographies, and intervening substantially in the fields of housing, art, restaurants, museography or office spaces.
The studio has, in particular, an extensive experience in the fields of renovation and transformation. Among the iconic creations are: the extension of the Palais des Beaux Arts in Charleroi, the renovation of the headquarters of the Parti Socialiste in Brussels, the Arts & Design Atomium Museum, a number of contemporary art galleries, retail refurbishment, offices and private residences in Brussels, but also in Paris, Lyon, Aix en Provence, Bordeaux or New York.The ethos of the practise: exhaustive curiosity- coupled with the desire to experiment in geometry, conventions, materials are disconcerted, creating new identities.

"We believe that architecture, as an cultural – artistic discipline, should correspond to the today’s society and its cultural productions. We also believe in the questioning that brings art and architecture. As well, in each project, we dialogue with context (client, site, budget) and review the typologies, materials, formal systems. This brings us not to develop a repetition of form registry, but to obtain versatile ‘ambivalences’."

Lhoas & Lhoas Architectes

62/11, Chaussée de Forest
1060, Bruxelles, Belgique
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Tel : +32 (0)2 372.08.75


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Almine Reich Gallery
Arts & Design Atomium Museum
Art Brussels
Base Design
Belgium is Design
Bijouteries De Witte
Brussels Invest & Export
Candide Library
Casa Encendida
Charleroi Danse
Collet Gallery
Eden Theater
Erna Ecey Art Gallery
Haus Der Kunst
Hopla Geiss
Jancou Art Gallery
Just Campagne
La Buvette
La Cambre-Horta Architecture Faculty
Les Filles plaisirs culinaires
Leo Burnett
MAD Brussels
Mamma Roma
Phillips Art Auctions
Point Culture
Stadswinkel Antwerpen
Women’s Secret


Pablo Lhoas

Contact : +32 495 22 36 66

Architecture diploma in 1989 at the Institut supérieur d’Architecture de l’Etat « La Cambre ». Since 1992 Pablo Lhoas works at Lhoas&Lhoas Architects. At the same time, from 1995 until 1998, he was an assistant in charge of an Architecture workshop at the Institut supérieur d’Architecture de l’Etat « La Cambre »; since 1998 he is in charge of « contemporary architectural questions » lectures at the same Institute. Since 1994 Pablo Lhoas is a member of various jurys (projects, essays) at the ISACF la Cambre and at ISA Victor Horta. He participated in the establishment of the formal organization « Open City », meant to make research about the becoming of the city, and to the establishement of the formal organization NeThca, meant to support architectural research. In 2014, Pablo Lhoas was designated vice dean of the architecture faculty La Cambre-Horta. He's since 2016 the Dean of the faculty.


Pierre Lhoas

Contact : +32 495 21 98 02

Architecture diploma in 1990 at the Institut supérieur d’Architecture de l’Etat « La Cambre ». From 1989 until 1992 Pierre Lhoas worked at Braun-Dispau Architects. Since 1992 he works at Lhoas & Lhoas Architects. He is now responsible of the interior architecture section at ENSAV, La Cambre since 2013.

Maïlys Gangloff

Contact : +32 490 39 52 70

Collaboratrice depuis 2018

Designer :
2014, Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués, La Martinière, Diderot Lyon

2017, Collaborator, Thomas Lommée - OpenStructures
2014, Intern, Catherine Filoche
2012, Intern, Périphériques architects

Arnaud De Moor

Contact : +32 477 86 70 19

Collaborator since 2020

Architect :
2007, ISACF La Cambre

2016-2019, collaborator, Arcanne atelier d'architecture, Brussels
2010-2012, collaborator, Benoît Cruysmans architect, Brussels
2007-2016, intern, collaborator and partner, JZH & Partners – bureau d'études, Brussels

Nicolas Jonard

Contact : +32 494 32 63 17

Collaborator since 2022

Architect :
2018, ULB La Cambre Horta, Brussels

2020-2021, collabarator, GENERALE, assemblée d’architectes, Brussels
2019, collabarator, VERS.A architecture, Brussels
2016, intern, MDW Architecture, Brussels

Léo Hénault

Contact : +33 6 42 93 45 12

Collaborator since 2022

Interior architect :
2021, ENSAV La Cambre

2021, intern and collaborator, Martial Prévert

Céline Parasote

Contact : +33 6 21 32 35 09

Collaborator depuis 2022

Architect :
2021, ENSA Strasbourg

2021, Ballast architects, Strasbourg
2018, Fugère architecture, Québec





Past Collaborators

Shahram Agaajani, Cyrille Bardinet, Julian Bernard, Raphaël Billotte, Pablo Bodin, Maud Bouhin, Pierre Burquel, Clotilde Braun, Amaury Caeyman, Jessica Collignon, Isabelle Corten, Thomas Dantec, Elodie De Gavre, Benoît Delpierre, Laurent de Carnière, Hadrien de Riemaecker, Bernard Dubois, Perrine Ernest, Harold Fallon, Pauline Fockedey, Thomas Guilleux, Natalie Herr, Selma Houissa, Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts, Tom Hyndrickx, Bjorn Houttekier, Anne-Laure Iger, Miriam Koudmani, Eric Lambert, Philippe Lambert, Théo Lanneau, Maud Lefever, Michel Lefèvre, Vinh Linh, François Maurin, Sarah Melsens, Pascal Monniez, Naiara Otaegi, Caroline Papi, Marco Petrangeli, Guida Prista von Bonhorst, Virginie Remy, Barbara Roosen, Camille Tréchot, Thomas Vanhavre, Jean-Sebastien van Keymeulen, Noémie Vertongen, Sofie Warnants, Mathieu Wellner, Raymond-James Wright.


Winner, with Certo restaurant, Commerce Design Brussels Award 2018
Winner, with L'architecte restaurant, Commerce Design Brussels Award 2017
Nominated, Paris Shop and Design 2014
Laureate, Commerce Design Brussels Award 2014
Double laureate, Commerce Design Brussels Award 2009
Nominated, Belgian architecture Awards
Nominated, Prix Victor Horta de Bruxelles
« Equerre d’Or » from the city of Charleroi


2019 - Spaces. Interior design evolution, ADAM - Brussels design Museum, Brussels
2017 - Espaces Alimentaires, Maison de l'Architecture, Lille
2014 - Mobilia at Atomium, 100 Years Design by Belgian Architects
2013 - Triennale di Milano
2012 - Interieur
2012 - Milan Design Week
2010 - 101% Design, London + Stockholm
2009 - Design September
2009 - Design September
2008 - Design September
2008 - Paris, Collection d’architecture
2000 - Supernova