MAD - Tokyo Brussels Days

Accompanying the MAD and Brussels Invest & Export in the set-up of the economic mission "Brussels Days" in Tokyo, Lhoas & Lhoas had one month and half to imagine and produce the scenography that took place at the Belgian embassy. This work has been done in collaboration with the branding studio Base Design.

In line with the approach to present the Brussels Creativity through "The Art of Assemblage", the scenography aims to be an echo of decomposition and composition concepts, as part of the Brussels creative practice.

The archetypal elements of the workshop as a place for designers constitute the library of materials, shapes and objects from which we picked up the elements - as needed -, in order to set up the presentation, work and meeting spaces.

The heterogeneous and modular dimension of the proposal is open to the multiplicity of medias in presence (design, fashion, ...): large or small scale items, finished products and prototypes, images. The simplicity of prefabricated meets the need for a fast production and installation. The exhibition spaces offered to participants are also working and meeting spaces for B2B meetings.

Pictures by Lydie Nesvadba