Rethinking the commercial ground floor on the theme of transparency ... Establish a new identity for a clothing store ... The axes of reflection on the Own project led to an intervention that aims to be fluid and objective.

The lack of window, or rather the extension to the extreme, leads to a space that fits naturally in its environment: the store is a showcase. The boundaries between public space and the walls of the store are blurred. Forms and materials borrowed from industry play the game of ready-made : a formal architectural work transforms them into thought out but rough objects. The floor is expressed by a poor material , asphalt, thought as a reminder of the transparency of the store on the street: the inside is an extension of the street. Lighting, diverse and shaped in a playful way , assert their presence and arise as an alternative to the usual vintage and undifferentiated commercial lighting.

Surface : 75m²
Budget : 66.000€
Location : Brussels ,Belgium