Venice Art Biennale 2015

For the 56th Venice Art Biennale, Lhoas & Lhoas was part of the team of the belgian pavilion as scenographer, in assistance of the guest artist Vincent Messeen and the curator Katerina Gregos.

Our role has consisted to think and design specific elements of the pavilion such has Vincent Messeen's installation and a chromatic intervention, besides small pieces of furniture. Given the primordial resonance between the differents pieces of work - nine artists in total -, and the own statement each one suggests, we aimed to develop interventions that are both perturbating the traditionnal compartmentalized way of showing art pieces, and given them consistency in unity.

In order to achieve those intentions, the panels of Vincent Messeen located in the central main space have been designed to regulate circulations and frame views of the pavilion. The signage system on his side, exceeds his primary role of information provider by invading the pavilion on the building scale. The whole system acts as a canvas for the artworks, giving in the same time echoes to the colors used by Guy Debord from the Situationist International movement.

Curator : Katerina Gregos
Guest artist: Vincent Messeen
Production monitoring on site: MplusB
Graphic design + signage: Speculoos
Pictures: Alessandra Bello