Chaussée de Waterloo

This is a renovation of an existing building, which used to be a factory, within a streetblock. Now there is one art studio, two flats and a large parking space. The project also boasts two outdoor residual spaces. The first one (front side) was thought out like a courtyard and the second one (back side) was designed to be like a garden.
The difficulty was to bring natural light inside this long construction with blinded neighboring walls. This is why there is a rupture in the middle of the building wich was litteraly cut to create a three level patio all around the existing staircase.

The second challenge was to deal with the direct views of the neighboring properties. It was therefore necessary to protect the back facade with a white perforated metal sheet, slightly bent to create terraces.
The parking space is in the basement. The ground floor is devoted to the studio as well as a part of the first floor wich is a mezzanine. This configuration frees up a large glazed surface and allows the light to come into the studio. The other part of the first level and the attic space of the second level contain the two flats measuring respectively 140 and 220 sqm.